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Scain machines are a market reference


Scain machines are a market reference

October 2nd, 2020

Metalúrgica Scain operates in the market since 1994, bringing efficiency and quality in all its services to its customers. Since the beginning, our concern with quality and innovation has led us to achieve great results and, increasingly, to satisfy our customers.

In this search for continuous improvements in the management, operation and quality processes, we obtained ISO 9001: 2015 certification, attesting the efficiency in these very important processes. Keeping quality as a priority within the company's culture, we have achieved the main objective: delivering excellent results to our customers, so much so that the Scain Cutting Machines are a reference in the national and international market.

Our machines have several benefits that meet the needs of companies with different production scales, below we list some of them:

Different machines for different production demandsWe have three models of Scain cutters: MFS60 with 1 cutting axis, MFS70 with 2 cutting axes, and MFS80 with 4 cutting axes. With the help of our commercial sector, which seeks to understand exactly the customer's demand, your company will be able to choose the machine that best suits the cutting needs, volumes and variability of the customer's materials.

Creating cutting recipesTo optimize the time spent in setting up the cutting of materials, our machines have a system where the operator can create cutting recipes according to the material and save them for when cutting the same material again. In this way the operator defines and adjusts the ideal parameters and can easily use them again in the future.

Efficiency monitoringA complete system that monitors the effectiveness of the Scain Machines and that gives warning of inactivity, guaranteeing the operator a continuous and safe process, without long intervals of ineffectiveness.

Event log systemStill in operation control, the event log system records all activities performed by the cutting machine and exports a complete history, so your company can evaluate and search for ways to optimize the cutting process, identify possible problems and correct flaws in the operation much more efficiently.

Online technical supportMetalúrgica Scain has trained professionals ready to serve your company by various means, in the face of any technical difficulties in the operation of coil cutting machines.

With these and several other benefits, Scain cutting machines have become a benchmark in the market, due to the high operational quality they offer. Scain's machines are present nationally and internationally, being sought throughout Latin America and marketed to companies of world reference, such as 3M, Adere and Saint Gobain.

On our website, you will find more information, benefits and technical information about our machines. If you are interested in making a budget or seeking clarification of doubts, you can contact us.

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