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NR12: Know the importance of it


NR12: Know the importance of it

November 1st, 2019

NR12 (Regulatory Standard 12) is the document of safety rules for machines that all companies and industries must follow to the letter. The aim is to promote the safety and physical integrity of everyone who works in or around machinery operations.

Now, let's know a little more about NR12!

How was it created?NR12 was developed by safety technicians and engineers in the 1970s. The first version was published by the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE) in 1978. There were only 28 articles and it was updated until the 1990s with minor changes.

In 94, during the term of President Itamar Franco, Brazil joined the International Labor Organization. Therefore, it had to adopt the rules set by it too! And their security encyclopedia was, on average, more than 80 pages at the time.

For this reason, the NR12 and other standards have undergone an enormous updating process and these standards remain in force today.

What are the risks of not following NR12?For those who operate, physical integrity and, depending on the case, her life. In other words, it is very important that whoever has an industry (from the micro entrepreneur to the owner of a multinational) that follows the safety rules!

Together with the Ministry of Labor, the Judiciary has implemented the National Accident at Work Program, responsible for inspecting companies. The penalties for companies that do not adopt safety standards are: fines, equipment sealing and machine interdiction. In more serious cases, company officials are criminally responsible for what happened.

What are the conditions for those who do not follow the NR12?In 2017, there was a certain flexibility. Inspectors assess and send a notification that irregularities are known and a maximum period of 12 months (depending on the degree of risk, may be less) is given to be made.

Before, you only suffered the penalties, if the rules were not strictly followed.

What are the latest changes to the standard? In June 2019, NR12 underwent some changes that neither change requirements nor reduce obligations. Only a few paragraphs were relocated. The sections that were excluded from NR12 were, in fact, placed in other Regulatory Norms.

For example, paragraphs dealing with the ergonomics of machines, went to NR17, the norm with rules aimed only at ergonomics!

In short: if you have a company, make sure your machinery is always up to date and within the rules. If not, look for a specialist.

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