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Is your company's productivity the way you want it?


Is your company's productivity the way you want it?

February 27th, 2020

Let's start from the following questions: does your company have a balance between quality and quantity? Does your product reach the end customer on a large scale or with quality? As the answer, what you will read below, can help you! So, enjoy reading!

Quality x Quantity

It may seem strange that we are talking about the production of a company and not saying "you have to produce more", but the reality is that, perhaps, this form of massive development is not the most appropriate. If you offer a quality product, the customer will want more! This is a process that favors its final consumer.

You can increase the production numbers by all possible means, whether it be an increase in manpower, robotization or whatever. But if you produce more than you sell at minimal quality, the result is clear and obvious: you will spend more money than you think you will earn.

If we study this picture in the medium or long term, we will see that profitability will be low, after all, do you think the end consumer wants: (a) a quality product, even if he has to wait to buy, or (b) something that is very fast, but has a chance to give trouble in a short time?

Evident that option (a)! Now, does that mean you have to produce less? Not necessarily. It varies from your demand. What counts is that you put the right weights in the balance of quality and quantity to achieve this balance.

To find the middle ground, you need to analyze what can improve, be removed, added, applied or changed within production. So we use two tools: KPIs and time management.

Key Performance Indicators

KPIs are used to measure how performance within your production is taking place. The measurement uses several coefficients such as employees, machinery, suppliers and quality control and tests.Therefore, schematizing and graphing through the performance study of each of the items mentioned makes analysis and measurement much easier.

Time management

Time management is your control over how much daily time should be used for a given task. In addition, there is the delimitation of deadlines, which is fundamental.The determination of a deadline goes beyond the delivery, remember to consider the correction and evaluation. After all, if a machine, for example, is tested and a defect is detected the day before delivery, it is harmful to the company.After all, you don't want to have to contact the customer and lengthen their wait. Therefore, time management is also about having guarantees and having a quiet margin of error.

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