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Do you know the importance of preventive maintenance on your Scain Machine?


Do you know the importance of preventive maintenance on your Scain Machine?

September 4th, 2020

Continuous productivity is a necessary and very important factor for companies looking to expand their competitive advantage, deliver efficient results and achieve customer satisfaction. Scain coil cutting machines are optimized and have several benefits that help your company achieve the desired goals and productivity results.

However, for Scain equipment to continue delivering great numbers to your company, you need to have the technical and operational conditions up to date, always keeping preventive maintenance up to date.

Another very important factor is the operator's knowledge of the Scain Machine, so each equipment comes with a complete illustrated operation manual with step by step, as well as video training on the main operational processes. That way, the operator will have all the information to care for and perform the machine functions correctly.

This manual also contains guidelines for carrying out preventive maintenance, facilitating work by the company's technicians. In situations where it is difficult to resolve any maintenance or operational issue, you can call our technical support! We can help you in various ways via phone, whatsapp, email and use the resources present on the machine itself to understand and solve the demand.

Online and in-person service

We have qualified professionals, ready to assist your company via telephone, video call, whatsapp and other means, in order to assist the electrical and mechanical maintenance of the Scain Machine. If necessary, we can provide technical labor to go to your company and resolve issues in person.

Remote access via ethernet network

Our support team can access your Scain Machine remotely and perform a complete diagnosis, identifying the problems and delivering a complete solution to get the machine back up and running as soon as possible. For that, it is necessary to have acquired this additional resource together with the equipment, and subsequently grant access to the internet via ethernet cable in the Scain Machine.

Spare parts

We have several parts ready for delivery so that your cutting machine is always equipped, ready and operational. Among the pieces, we have cutting discs, lining bushings, among others. They are genuine pieces, with certified quality!

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